Magic iRIID Kiosk

The new way to make business service, product presentation at
Trade Show, Theme Park, Tourist Info Center, Science Center, Art & Museum, and Shopping Mall.

Attentions: Business owners, Business Marketers, Digital Marketing Advertisement Agency
Do you want to attract and catch your customers attendtion and persuade them to buy your products?
Do you want to use morden marketing system to have more clients sign up and boost your sale and revenue?

Use Magic iRIID Kiosk to encourage your customers engagement and allow you to target vaiours buyers.
Easy to regularly update your product infographic, picture, marketing information, and multimedia videos.
Easy & Fun to operate, Make your buyers interest to engage with Magic iRIID Kiosk.
Magic iRIID Kiosk can delivery your product info that buyer really wanted.
Buyers enjoy rich product infographic & video presentations and without feeling being targeted.
Increase your business professional image and also easy to be understood by buyers.

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk PC Auto Start Wave, Click & Clap Photos App Demo Video

Magic iRIID Kiosk

Use Magic iRIID Mini PC to Built Your product Kiosk

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk Setup Demo Video

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk Win 10 Wave & Click Photos App Demo Video

For Business Marketing: Using Magic iRIID to Promote Your Business Services and enhance digital advertisements,

Using Photos App or Offline Horizontal Website, Your customers can gesture wave to browser your products and services.
Boost your product presentations at Trade Show, Arts & Sale Center.
Using Hand Wave Gesture to Control Webpage of all Picture, Music, Video, Audio, multimedias product advertisement presentation.
Promote business product & service for companies, stores, using new true Sci-Fi interface to attractive customers desires...etc.

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Hardware & Software Requirements:

1. Xbox One Kinect sensor + The Kinect Adapter cable for Windows.
2. Laptop computer, 64 bits, 4GB RAM, 1 USB 3.0, Graphics card that supports DirectX 11
3. Windows 8.1, English 64 bits version, Keyboard setting US English
Windows 10, English 64 bits version, Keyboard setting US English
4. Kinect SDK 2.0

iRIID, (Intelligent Robotic Interface Input Device)

iRIID, Gesture Interface Robot Demo Video

The World's First Gesture Interface Robot
iRIID, (Intelligent Robotic Interface Input Device)
eliminates a physical mouse, keyboard or control interface on computer equipment; improves a computer control interface option.
iRIID is a patented invention, and the 2 gold medals winners of INPEX 2014 (America's Largest Invention and New Product Expo) on both computer and electronics category
iRIID - Gesture Interface Robot is invented by Inventor: Hsien Hsiang Chiu
Magic iRIID is the software program of the iRIID, Gesture Interface Robot.
Magic iRIID Mini PC - Low Power Consumption, Flexible, Small Size, Light Weight, and Easy to Setup.

Magic iRIID Video Demos

Magic iRIID PhotoDisplay App reduce chance public infections by eliminated touch contaminate surface

Magic iRIID Disney WallE Robot LIPS OpenNI Control Demo Video

Magic iRIID Wave, Click, and Clap Video

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk Win 10 Wave & Click Photos App

Mydison Magic Wave Gesture Control Horizontal Website IE Browser

Magic iRIID Virtual Mouse Click Horizontal Website OnScreen Keyboard Air Typing

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk Win 10 App Menu click, Zoom In & Out Photos App

Magic iRIID Mini PC Kiosk Setup Demo Video

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